Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Are nutraceuticals safe?
Nutraceuticals are natural health products that target a specific health condition. Metavo is a nutraceutical that has Health Canada approval which can be seen by the “NPN” or “natural product number” found on the label. In the case of AvoB and Metavo, rigorous and ongoing evidence-based studies and clinical trials have demonstrated the bioactive’s safety and effectiveness.
Why does controlling glucose matter?
The level of glucose (sugar) in the blood is carefully controlled by a hormone called insulin. After we eat, the amount of glucose in the blood rises. Insulin is released to bring blood glucose levels back down to ‘normal’ levels. When the body starts to ignore the insulin message, a condition called insulin resistance, blood sugar levels rise and can lead to conditions such as weight gain, hypertension, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.
How do I know if I have a healthy metabolism?
Everyone’s metabolism is different. Part of a healthy metabolism ensures glucose and fat are burned at the appropriate rate. If your metabolism has become inefficient you are burning one more than the other causing a build up of either fat or glucose in your blood. If you have questions about your metabolism, please ask your doctor.

Product FAQs

What is AvoB?
AvoB is a powerful bioactive naturally found in certain avocados that can restore balance in sugar and fat metabolism. AvoB can be used to maintain a healthy metabolism, blood sugar levels and weight in adults naturally, effectively and safely. It is particularly effective for those who are experiencing weight gain, pre-diabetic and/or looking to manage blood sugar levels.
What is Metavo?
Metavo is a natural supplement that contains AvoB, a powerful bioactive naturally found in avocados that helps promote good health. Metavo is the only nutraceutical powered by AvoB, which has been scientifically proven to help rebalance blood sugar levels, naturally, effectively and safely.
What is chromium and why is it in Metavo?
Chromium is a mineral that has been shown to play a direct role in helping control blood sugar levels by increasing the activity of the insulin receptor. AvoB and Chromium work together to restore healthy metabolism. Collectively, they target two major underlying causes of insulin resistance. For more information, please visit Our Benefits
How much avocado is in Metavo?
Metavo contains 5gr naturally freeze dried avocado and 100mcg chromium in each dose. A 10g powder sachet of AvoB contains about one quarter of an avocado.
Could I just eat fresh avocados and get the same benefit?
Avocados are wonderfully healthy. However, since we can’t test every avocado out there, we can only guarantee a standardized dose of AvoB in Metavo.

Company FAQs

Who Is SP Nutraceuticals?
SP Nutraceuticals is the company that developed Metavo. We are a family-run business committed to creating scientifically proven natural health products. Our goal is to help others achieve their healthiest future. We collaborate with scientists who are always on the lookout for new ways to unleash the powerful, natural benefits of plants and nutrition. Our mission is to build healthy communities through plant-based nutrition backed by rigorous clinical science.