Our Benefits


An avocado-based supplement plus chromium supporting full spectrum healthy metabolism at the cellular level.

The level of glucose (sugar) in the blood is carefully controlled by a hormone called insulin. After we eat, the amount of glucose in the blood rises. Insulin is released to bring blood glucose levels back down to ‘normal’ levels. When the body starts to ignore the insulin message, a condition called insulin resistance, blood sugar levels rise and can lead to weight gain, hypertension, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Avocatin B (AvoB)

AvoB is a powerful bioactive naturally found in certain avocados that can restore balance in sugar and fat metabolism.

AvoB has been scientifically proven to target the root cause of ineffective metabolism which leads to high blood sugar.  AvoB can be used to maintain a healthy metabolism, and blood sugar levels in adults naturally, effectively and safely. It is particularly beneficial for those who are overweight, pre-diabetic and/or looking to manage blood sugar levels.

Rigorous and ongoing evidence-based studies demonstrate that long-term use of AvoB can have significant long-term effects on metabolism. 

A healthy metabolism ensures glucose and fat are burned at the appropriate rate.  If your metabolism has become inefficient you are burning one more than the other causing a build up of either fat or glucose in your blood.  Long-term use of AvoB has been scientifically proven to restore effectiveness of metabolism so that glucose (sugar) and fat are being burned at the appropriate rate.


Chromium helps improve insulin signalling in insulin-resistant individuals

Chromium (trivalent chromium or Cr 3+) has been shown to play a direct role in helping control blood sugar levels by increasing the activity of the insulin receptor.  Clinical studies have suggested that the insulin receptor is not adequately activated and that chromium levels may be decreased in individuals with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. This deficiency means individuals may not process glucose as efficiently as possible.

Properly managing blood sugar levels is particularly important to those on “high alert” due to a family history of high blood sugar levels and/or diabetes. 

AvoB + Chromium

AvoB and Chromium work together like Batman and Robin. AvoB restores healthy metabolism of glucose and fat while chromium improves activation of the insulin receptor. Collectively, they target two major underlying causes of insulin resistance.