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How do I take the Metavo Capsules?

Metavo Capsules are most effective when taken with meals. Take 2-4 capsules twice daily.

Why take the capsules with meals?

We have clinically determined that consuming Metavo with food leads to increased absorption of the bioactive, AvoB, compared to water alone. Why? Unlike water food contains natural fats that help dissolve and suspend Metavo for best absorption.

Each Lot of Metavo is Tested

Here at Metavo, we can guarantee that you are getting the standardized dose of AvoB because we use an established analytical method of detecting and quantifying AvoB in avocados. Before we procure our avocado powder, each lot is sent to us and tested for the presence and amount of our bioactive, AvoB. Only after confirming our bioactive is present in the amounts we have based our dosing on, do we place the order.

How Does Metavo Work?

AvoB, a fat molecule found only in avocados, counters incomplete oxidation in skeletal muscle and the pancreas to reduce insulin resistance.

AvoB has the incredible ability/potential to rebalance blood sugar levels naturally, effectively and safely. AvoB can target sugar metabolism at the cellular level, help attack fats and elevated sugar levels to help maintain (and regulate) naturally healthy blood sugar levels.

How is Metavo different from other supplements?

Other than Metavo, there is currently no other supplement available with AvoB. While this compound has always existed, it had not previously been extensively studied for its physiological effects on disease.  It was our team of nutritional scientists that discovered the power of AvoB and its incredible effects on metabolism.